NG Star 7 May 2011

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Some of the headlines that the Star folks come up with are truly ingenious. For example, I’d never have come up with “Naughty children make good teachers” or “The Wongs watch Sivaji” in a million years. Never!

This time, however, I was really happy that they used my suggestion, The Artist in Geek’s Clothing, because I felt it truly captured the essence of the message. Yes, writers usually supply the headlines but the editor/editorial team reserve the right to change it as deemed suitable.

It’s a blessing really. Headline writing was never my forte and I’m glad they didn’t go with some of my lamer attempts!

I wrote this while aboard the ETS back to Ipoh. I was replying to my editors when it suddenly struck me, hey, this is not something which is common years ago, yet that day, there were at least one or two other 20- and 30-somethings fiddling with their laptops in the same coach. Times have changed – and to thrive, we must adapt to these changes, or risk being left behind.

Many thanks to Peter Wang for contributing the cute caricature – it perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the article 🙂