Hire me

At its best, a human interest story can inspire action, spark discourse and even change lives.

With 15 years of creative storytelling under my belt, I’m keen to work with individuals and organisations whose values, standards and goals align with mine.

Here’s what I can do for you.

1) I can help you write compelling human interest stories.

As a writer, I’ve always had a passion for human interest stories. They give writers the opportunity to present people and their aspirations, challenges or achievements in a way that sparks interest, sympathy or motivation in the reader. They often shed light on “the story behind the story”, and put a face to an otherwise anonymous historical happening.

While I am equally comfortable interviewing the CEO of a conglomerate or a celebrity, I have a special interest in discovering the unsung everyday heroes in our midst. A quadriplegic who ascended Mount Kinabalu, a nurse who gave up a promising career to serve her community in a remote village, a teacher who quietly helped his students secure scholarships to better their lives – some of these stories made it into my best-selling book, Made in Malaysia: Hometown Heroes and Hidden Gems.  

Contact me if you’re seeking an experienced storyteller to help you open the minds and hearts of your readers to something new, change their way of looking at a person or situation, or bring attention to an important issue that many are unaware of. 


2) I provide editing and proofreading services.

You may have content of your own that needs just that extra polish to shine.     
Three levels of editing—content editing, copy editing and proofreading—are necessary before anything should be published. Content editing involves a lot more thought and decision making, while copy editing and proofreading are more rules-based.
A content editor looks at your manuscript from a “big picture” viewpoint. Are there contradictions, inconsistencies, factual errors or discrepancies in your copy? Is it written for the right target market? 
If you choose me to be your content editor, I will review your work with suggestions to re-write, move, delete or add sections. Some thoughtful reorganisation of your content can dramatically improve its cohesiveness and impact.  
A copy editor will focus on grammar, syntax, sentence structure, accurate word choices, verb tense, capitalisation, punctuation, etc. 
Content editing and copy editing are done while the manuscript is still in Microsoft Word. I use track changes, so you can easily review, accept or make changes. 
Finally, at the microscopic level, there’s the proofreading stage, before the page layout file goes to the printer. I will focus on finding any overlooked misspellings and typographic errors, and also catch formatting issues. A dedicated proofreader can catch missed errors that save your organisation both money and red faces 🙂 


3) I can create recipes and videos that incorporate your products and ingredients.

During my course of my career, I interviewed many chefs and restaurateurs. Naturally, my curiosity about the process of preparing good food grew, and it was a matter of time before I started wielding a wok and spatula 🙂

The COVID19 pandemic sparked my interest in developing palatable, healthy and simple recipes using accessible quality ingredients and products. Fuelled by this newfound passion, I began actively sharing my experiments on social media. Check me out on Instagram, Youtube and www.cookwithipohbunny.com

What makes me different from the typical social media content creator? If you’re only interested in pretty pictures and a few lines of fluff, sorry, I’m not your candidate.

But if you would like to work with someone who prides herself on creating authentic content that’s entertaining yet educational, informed by years of learning from award-winning chefs and passionate food producers,  we should definitely talk 🙂   

Think we could cook up something wonderful together? Email me at alexandra.lywong@gmail.com or hit me up on any of my social media channels