I’ve always had a special connection with Sarawak, from my first visit to a longhouse after quitting my job, to my first Gawai experience, to… my first attempt at rice planting.

See that screenshot above? The first person on the right is me getting down and dirty in the natural “mud spa” at Long Semadoh, a remote village in Lawas Highlands.

In 2019, I went on an experiential tour organised by Langit to learn traditional paddy planting from Lun Bawang farmers. The Langit Collective is an award winning social enterprise founded by four idealistic Malaysians who fell in love with Sarawak while doing NGO work. The intrepid quartet decided to set up their own social enterprise to bridge economic gaps for rural communities by creating a platform that promotes unique heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers in East Malaysia to bigger markets.

One of their early initiatives was offering experiential tours that enable participants to understand the artistry that goes into the planting and production of these products. I was lucky enough to participate in one as an assignment for Our Better World.

Travel may not be possible for now, but you can still support Langit’s work here.

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