Reader feedback

Sofia Shamsunahar, Malaysia/Norway/Canada

I’ve just finished reading your book “Made in Malaysia” and I feel as if my heart strings have been pulled a little. 

Coming across your book was a little bit serendipitous for me, and I am really thank full for it. I’ve lived overseas from Malaysia ever since I was 3, however I return back at least once a year. Malaysia never really was considered my home until my teenage years, when I started having troubles identifying myself, as because I moved around a lot I was a third world culture kid.
I’m grateful for my experiences of travelling, but Malaysia has always been the one constant in my life until now, so it means a lot to me. This Christmas I returned back to Malaysia and felt like it was more than usually hard to leave it, after realising that this was where my family and my roots were, and I never really had a chance to discover Malaysia. After this trip, I made a pact to myself to return back after my education. 
Being slightly presently-nostalgic over the country on my last day of my holiday, I was lucky enough to come across your book. The cover was what made me pick it out off the shelf.
I read your book on my plane ride back from Malaysia to Norway (where I live now) and was pretty upset that it was over when I finished it. You really captured your experiences well, I could feel the simple happiness you came across, your struggles as a write and more personally I could feel as if I was back home again. It was almost as if me ending the book meant facing reality. 
Your diction is great too by the way, I made sure to take note down off words so I could use for the future! Your book reminds of me “Human of New York”. It’s a photography project that captures little stories about people this photographer bumps into. I’m a big fan and his pictures often make me tear up with happiness.
So I decided to send this email, and I’ve never emailed an author before, to thank you for sharing your experiences and showing the world Malaysia is more than a tourist destination.

Christine Kemp, UK/Malaysia

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. I especially loved the way your journey as a writer is woven throughout so many charming little tales. My favourites are: ‘Bus ride’ and ‘Of trains and making friends’. My late father was once a London bus driver; there wasn’t much work around after WW2, so you just had to take what you could get. I guess he must have enjoyed driving a bus though, because he continued to do so for many years. But the fact is, my father was a hugely intelligent man and incredibly knowledgeable; like a walking encyclopedia! He was also a great poet and a fine artist. It’s been over 20-years since his sudden death from a heart attack, and I still miss him deeply. We must stop judging people by their job description, and your observations go some way to reminding us. Thank you X ‘Hug those you love’, and “Stranger danger”, revisited’ were beautifully written; I’m certain even the hardest of hearts would stir with emotion. And I liked the way the message in these articles was subtle, yet so abundantly clear. I’m going to recommend this book to my friends. Is it available at all MPH outlets? I hope it’s flying off the shelves!

Kevin de Rozario, Malaysia

My name is Kevin and I just read your book and let me say it’s quite a page turner. I too am from ipoh and I could share your joy and sentiments about ipoh especially Thum’s burger and the heritage walk. Overall I really enjoyed your book. Keep up the good work and looking forward for your next book. 

Syafiqah Farid, Singapore

Hi! I am Syafiqah from Singapore and i’d just like to say that i love this book! This is the first memoir book that i’ve read which is based in Malaysia. 

This book made me fall in love with Malaysia even more because of the many nice people and interesting experiences which were featured in this book. 

I have always loved Malaysia because of its nature, people and food. Reading this makes me really want to go for a backpacking trip in Malaysia … 

Thank you for publishing a great book! Hoping you will always achieve success ?

Sharon Khoo, Malaysia

This book make me laugh and emo at the same time bring back memories of yesteryear. Truly a great read and would recommend it to my friends! Keep up the great job! 

Richard Ingate, United Kingdom

I really loved living in Malaysia (after I got used to it!) and I found a mention of your book in the The Star Online. Just finished reading and really enjoyed the book which I had shipped over to the UK by MPH books! 

Five star reviews from Goodreads


Dashveenjit Kaur 
I really like this book. An easy read, and for those who have the time, can even complete this book within a day. Many instances, I could easily form a mental picture because these are stories of Malaysians, hence the sense of familiarity. Highly recommended for my fellow Malaysians, and for those who actually dig short stories, this one’s a good choice.

Yee Tong
This may not be my usual cup of coffee as I am normally one to plunge into the sea of fiction but Made In Malaysia opened my eyes through a different gate.

As a Malaysian, I consider myself as a tourist who's only been here for a couple of days only after I've read this. The stories and the encounters Alexandra made throughout her journey should be replaced as the headlines of the local newspapers instead of the usual showing-Malaysia-off-to-the-world-in-a-bad-reputation news.

It was really easy for me to relate because I can easily picture the images as I may already have a foundation on what's there in our country. But at the same time, the selflessness and the true hearts of Malaysians served as a very big impact to my personal thinking of Malaysia. It's true when Alexandra mentioned that from young, we were all taught to avoid strangers or pinpoint different races because they have a reputation of bringing trouble. But it really is time we step out of that confined circle of thought and meet new people in new places.

The writing was engaging and it really helped that there's pictures. Reading Made In Malaysia is like getting thrown back with nostalgia. Who am I kidding? I feel a connection to the stories even if they happened before I was born! Everything was very nicely presented and was very organized. You'll feel yourself getting more and more attached to the book the further you get.

I strongly suggest Malaysians to pick up this book! Open up your eyes to what Malaysia has to offer and write it out on the World Map for everyone to see. And let the world continue to wonder over the stories Alexandra will bring us.