So proud to have played a part in this project: “A Green Guide to Boating – best practices for recreational boating”

It was both an enjoyable and educational experience for me – learned so much about the oceans, nature’s unsung hero, the impact of climate change on it, and most importantly, what WE can do to protect it.

Sobering facts:
➡️ Our oceans have played a key role in soaking up most of the carbon dioxide and excess heat that human activities have produced. 

➡️ The ocean has the capacity to absorb about 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere.

➡️ But performing this great service, which has substantially slowed global warming, has come at a high cost. As carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater, the ocean becomes more acidic, affecting the ecosystems that rely on it. 

➡️ Elevated ocean temperatures can trigger the mass migration of marine species in search of conducive conditions for feeding and spawning.

While collective action on multiple levels is required to create any kind of meaningful impact, there are specific steps that every individual can take to protect the health of the ocean we love so much.