My latest story for Our Better World shines a spotlight on Terrapuri.

More than just a resort, Terrapuri is a #conservation project that involved painstakingly restoring centuries-old wooden Terengganu houses into guest villas.

Behind this unique concept is Alex Lee, a travel industry veteran deeply commited to conservation.

“I had to sell my properties and my cars to fund it. Some of my staff resigned because they were worried for their livelihoods. People called it ‘Projek Orang Gila’ (Crazy Man’s Project). But the longer I worked on the project, the more I was convinced that I made the right call. From doing this, I could see the magic of the traditional houses. They are built without a single nail, using an ancient technique called pasak, so you can dismantle the structures like Lego. Imagine, this kind of innovation existed hundreds of years ago in Asia. How do we implant into Malaysians a deeper appreciation for their identity and values?” 

Amid COVID-19, you can make advance bookings to help Terrapuri to continue its projects and keep its staff employed, or bring a taste of Terengganu culture to your home by shopping local crafts and snacks via its online stores.

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