I was unusually excited about this article for two reasons.

One, it would showcase the artwork of my friend, brilliant artist and writer, Yeo Li Shian 🙂

And two, the subject matter is very dear to my heart.

I had originally titled it My Malaysian Journey as the article was inspired by a book I read in the course of researching for a client’s book. One that many Malaysians would be familiar with – A Malaysian Journey by Rehman Rashid.

This story is about my week-long exchange program in Selama, a kampung in Perak, where I experienced true Malaysan hospitality. Original link: http://thestar.com.my/columnists/story.asp?file=/2011/8/27/columnists/navelgazer/9356212&sec=navelgazer

At a Hari Raya open house, a bunch of friends and I discussed the definition of a true “Malaysian culture” over rendang ayam, lemang and sirap ais.

We couldn’t find quite a conclusive definition, and that’s all right. We’re a young nation by any measure. Searching, challenging and questioning is an integral part of any maturation process.

Upon second thought, we DO have a culture, one of warmth and muhibah, which my foster family in Selama had in spades.

Malaysians, you rock!