This cover story on Azaib, producer of local chocolate brand Malsa Chocolates, is probably one of the most meaningful, and serendipitous, articles I’ve done in a long time.

Nearly a year ago, hubby brought me to shopping mall Haniffa’s where we spotted Malsa’s fruit-covered chocolates on the shelves. Turning the luxurious looking box around, we were surprised to learn that it was a Malaysian brand. Piqued by curiosity, we bought a few boxes home to try. I was so impressed by the taste – deliciously melty and chocolatey without being too sweet – that Miss Journalist here did some CSI, and discovered the company was founded by a young lady named Aslinah Aslam when she was a mere 25 years old and the brand had made considerable inroads overseas. I told my husband this was a true Malaysian success story that was worth sharing.

So when the chance came for me to pitch an entrepreneur to profile for The Star SMEbiz, guess who was the top of my list? 🙂

Read all about Aslinah’s incredible “rempuh” spirit and how her parents contributed to her success 🙂