I’ve always been more of a small town girl, so nobody was more surprised than myself by how quickly and deeply I fell in love with Shanghai. Link to Shanghai-Swatch article : http://bit.ly/twglDX

I thought it’d be another soul-less metropolis, all highways and shopping malls and Apple iStores. To my surprise, there are plentiful pockets of local flavour, like the venerable Jesse Restaurant on Tianpinglu, where simple fare like fresh-cut sugared tomatoes can easily give haute cuisine a run for its money.

On the last two hours of my too-short visit, I walked to the end of Nanjinglu and was overjoyed to stumble upon two precious finds: 1) a cafe named MOJO and 2) a tiny, alleyway shop where I found a pair of drop-dead gorgeous knee-high boots for a song, woo hoo!

Shanghai, I’ll be back! 🙂

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