My article “On the trail of Dr Sun Yat Sen”, first published in Going Places March 2011, was nominated for the above award 🙂

In brief: No known photo placing him in Penang has emerged, but historians know that it was from here, that Dr Sun Yat Sen planned the two Canton uprisings that eventually led to the fall of the 268-year-old Qing dynasty and the creation of the Republic of China
as we know it today. Leading conservation non-governmental organisation Penang Heritage Trust developed the Sun Yat Sen Heritage Trail to commemorate 17 pre-war sites that link Penang to one of world history’s most important events. The article highlights some of the most interesting venues, with notes on what they were, and what they are, today.

Click on the scans below to read the full article.

What a wonderful milestone in my career as a writer, and a lovely start to the year.

Here’s to more happy trails in 2012!