I was so certain I’d hate Macau, and had all the more reason to dread my holiday when my cousin dropped the bombshell that she’d booked us for SEVEN FREAKING DAYS in Macau …. what the heck does one do in MACAU for SEVEN FREAKING DAYS??? Did I say we were going there FOR SEVEN FREAKING DAYS???

Anyways 🙂

There’s quite a lot to discover, apparently. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just glitz or tackiness to Asia’s answer to Las Vegas.

We did the whole nine yards: the Portuguese egg tarts (so decadently creamy compared to the ones here!), the almond cookies, serrdura, Taipa Village, the monstrosity that is Venetian, even Cirque de Soleil, which – surprisingly – my mum enjoyed. Never thought she was one for kwai loe culture. Then again, she DID love Chippendales almost as much as I did 🙂

From grudging resignation, I ended up liking Macau enough to write this travel epic which was published in Professional Printer, a printing and graphics communications magazine by MPH.