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To state the obvious, there’s loads of awesome food in Ipoh. The capital of the Northern State of Perak, which oozes a charming small town vibe despite attaining city status in 1989, shines particularly in hawker food. Even before its long overdue recognition as one of the world’s most liveable cities and the sixth most attractive Asian destination according to Lonely Planet, articles touting Ipoh’s best foods were easily available.

An unassuming stall in Kampung Simee market that does superb egg tarts, a former pushcart turned drive-in that dishes out thousands of soya bean milk daily, and a nasi kandar (rice with curries, an Indian Muslim specialty) institution that can give Penang a run for its money – these “hidden gems” now sit firmly on the bucket list of every discerning foodie. But if you’re wondering what kinds of foods are unique to Ipoh or that are prepared in a style that is unique to the city and where to eat them, well… you have to ask a true blue “Ipoh mali” native. I am sharing this list as a proud Ipoh-ite, foodie and food writer. You have to sample these at least once.

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