MBE Feb-March 2014 cover

It isn’t often that you get to interview one of the hottest (as in most-watched) politicians in the country.

So imagine how I feel, practically hyperventilating from nervousness, when Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ir Idris Haron greets us into the office with these opening remarks:

“This is where important decisions are made.”


Thankfully, underneath that no-nonsense exterior, I also discover an amiable and able storyteller. For two hours, the MBE team was a captive audience to his inspiring, and sometimes amusing, anecdotes, like this one about growing up in a strict household: “My late brother and sister-in-law played an instrumental role in inculcating my love for books. They were strict disciplinarians who were serious about reading. Every time they saw me, I had to be holding a book. When I hear the car’s engine sound, cepat-cepat ambil buku (quickly grab a book) or feel the sting of the rotan!”


I’m going to be absolutely shameless in declaring that we’ve got a star-studded, power-packed issue.

When you’ve met bubbly, baby-faced Dr Geshina Ayu Mat Saat in person, it’s hard not to be impressed by this lecturer cum industrial and occupational psychologist whose breakthrough prison rehabilitation module for sexual offenders has kept 3000 women a year safe from repeat offenders every year. I have thre words for that – move over, CSI!

We’re also delighted to feature Mohd Rizal Jailan, the Managing Director of INOKOM, the national automobile assembler for numerous prestige brands like BMW. The eight-hour journey (to and fro) to Kulim is one that I would gladly relive. After all, how often do you get to witness the world’s most beloved cars being put together, piece by piece?

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May you have as much fun reading, as our team did putting together this issue. MBA Edge Postgraduate is available at all leading bookstores.