Hire me

All enquiries should be sent to alexandra.lywong@gmail.com

In the event that I am fully booked, I am happy to introduce you to other fellow writers.


The best results come from great teamwork, so do give the following some thought before you get in touch with me for a project.

Who is your target reader?
The content, language and writing style can vary widely depending on your target reader. What do you hope to achieve with your publication? Are you marketing your travel magazine to senior citizens or hipsters? Are you trying to pitch your international event to local senior managers or international organizations?

What is the scope of work?
Please be as specific as possible in your job brief. I would appreciate something like this: “a 500-word speech for the CEO to be placed at the front of a business directory targeted at outsourcing solution providers.”

What are your sources of information?
Some clients like to supply all the information. Others prefer me to conduct my own research. I am flexible.

Can you send me a sample?
Even a personality profile can have different formats – flowing paragraphs, pull quotes, Q & A, etc. To avoid any miscommunication, please send me a sample, if possible, so I know exactly what you’re looking for in terms of style, tone and storyline.

What is your estimated budget?
My fees would vary depending on the amount of resources required to complete your job satisfactorily. A rush fee applies for urgent jobs.

Here’s to a successful collaboration! 🙂