Today, I am going to debunk some writing myths.

Myth # 1 Hard news reports are invariably staid and stuffy.

Not necessarily. It depends on the house style and editor – it helps if you have someone who encourages you to think out of the box. Even the dullest events can make fun reading, if you dare to be inventive.

I love how Matt turned my relatively run-of-the-mill “On the strength of his track record, our money’s on this Tiger baby” into the punchier “Go get them tiger!”

See the difference good editing can make?

Myth # 2 One subject = one article?

Not necesssarily.

In fact, the same topic can generate two very different articles in terms of style and voice.

Take these personality profiles on Drs Ho Choon Moy and Evelyn Ho for example:

In Starmag:

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Why the diff?

Space is premium in glossy magazines, so short, punchy copy is preferable to long copy. In some instances, the text even plays second fiddle to photography.

Some mediums can give you freer rein to exercise your creativity, resulting in a dramatically different outcome.

There is no superior or inferior style.

Every kind of writing presents its unique set of challenges and produces different levels of satisfaction 🙂