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Hi there! I’m Alexandra Wong. Just call me Alex 🙂

Like most nerdy convent girls of my generation, I dreamt of becoming the next Enid Blyton. That Olympian perch is still a long way off, but I’m enjoying the journey so far as a freelance writer. If you fly Malaysia Airlines, get your dose of daily Malaysian news from The Star, or turn to Women’s Weekly for interviews with inspirational women, you might have spotted my byline 🙂 For a comprehensive list of my editorial and corporate clients, click this page.

People always tell me, “I can’t imagine you doing anything else” – yet I almost didn’t become a writer.

How come? Well, because life likes putting us through tests. After graduating with a degree in English Literature from Universiti Sains Malaysia, I wound up in a Fortune 500 Company, selling computers to large corporations.

Before I stepped into Dell, I thought I would find corporate life dull as dishwater. Boy was I wrong! I enjoyed the wheeling and dealing, made lots of good friends, and gained valuable experience in people and business management. But deep down, I sensed I was destined for a different kind of life.

In 2005, I quit my job and set about tackling my bucket list. First up: visit all those places I had only read about.

After Kuching, Cambodia, Turkey, and the USA, I was quickly hooked on travelling. I wanted to remember every single detail, so I documented my experiences in a blog. I developed a small but loyal following of readers, which in turn, got me thinking about turning my blog posts into full-fledged articles (and making some money to refill my diminishing coffers).

That’s why my early articles invariably revolved around the interesting characters I chatted up on buses and trains; the cosy mom-and-pop eateries I found along the way; obscure but charming small towns that make up the real Malaysia – they were based entirely on my own life experiences.

From baby steps, I diversified to copywriting for international events, government organizations and corporate bodies. You know what they say about life coming full circle? My earlier sales and people management experiences turned out to be an advantage; my corporate clients liked how I understood their unique issues and spoke their lingo, without too much hand-holding or crossed wires 🙂

2013 will mark my 8th year in writing. There are ups and downs, like in every job, but I continue to find new things to love about my profession every day – the incredible people I’ve met; the adrenalin surge every time I see my byline; the look on someone’s face when they meet me in a coffee shop and go, “Are you the Navel Gazer?”; the knowledge that my article actually made someone else’s life better in some small way; and on good days, getting recognized for my hard work 🙂

Know what? I can’t imagine myself doing anything else either.